Home Brew x Super Duty
Stress Negative

Atlas comes from the first litter of Home Brew pigs farrowed here at HTF. He’s out of the best old Super Duty sow we own. This was a tremendous litter from top to bottom, five boar pigs and 5 gilts, all breeder quality individuals. We knew early on Atlas had to stay here, he’s intriguingly unique. One of the stoutest featured 6 month old boars we’ve seen; just flat stout from the ground up from front to rear; monster wide, level, square top; unusually high tail set that comes back into as good of hip and rear leg set as you can make. Atlas is big legged as all Home Brew sired pigs are! He has unequaled depth of forerib that comes back into a huge center body. Atlas displays more mass and bone in a very well balanced, sound package as I’ve seen. Simply put, one correctly designed, stout made young boar!

$50.00 a dose, no overrun

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