Battle Cry


Bone Chill x War Fare
Bred and owned by Hilltop Farms
Stress: Negative

Battle Cry is one of the most unique boars we have had the opportunity to watch grow for some time. Why is he so unique? I am not sure we have ever fed one that is truly this massive in his center body, rib shape and top. This guy is truly square from his blades to the top of his hip. You get on top of him, and you truly understand how big bodied and how much spring of rib he has to offer. He is stout and wide based from one end to the other. And best of all -- his running gear may be as good as it gets. Picture perfect feet and toes, he hits the ground true and square and has incredible flex from one end to the other. This one does not get outside of himself, no bowed hocks or turned in feet. He just flat goes all day long with an incredible high head carriage. We think this guy offers a ton of good for making show hogs.

Semen Price $50.00 a dose, no overrun.


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