Square Deal


Square Deal #577998003
Panther 24-8 x Moonshine
Bred and Owned by Hilltop Farms

Square Deal is extreme in many areas where Yorkshires as well as crossbreds need to be better; tall fronted. Square Deal flat runs up hill; extreme depth and squareness to his body cavity, from end to end. He has a huge, level, wide, massive top that comes back and blends into as good a hip and ham loin junction as you can make; huge center body mass and excellent feet and leg placement front and rear. Square Deal is one massive, powerful Yorkshire boar that will make Yorkshires better as well as what he can do for crossbreds.

His mother,a Moonshine sow, gets the job done in the farrowing house. It takes great sows to make great boars and she does all this and more.

SEMEN: $100.00/dose

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