Wild Thing

Wild Thing
Far N Away x El Capitino
Bred by: Eddie Robinson
Owned by: Hilltop Farms
Stress Status: Negative
SEMEN: $50.00 a dose, no overrun

Wild Thing is very square made from the ground up: all four legs out on the corners.  He comes at you with tremendous
power, deep square fore rib, huge center body, and deep flanked.  He’s got a monster top and a huge fore arm.  On farm visitors
marvel over how square made, correctly designed and stout he is.  Thus—we named him Wild Thing!

This is one powerful young boar no matter where you look at him. Ifyou need more power, more width from the ground
up in a square build moderate framed package and you like your hogs stout—use Wild Thing.

His first litters look great and will high light our fall on line sales!!!

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