Amplifier 2-4


Bred by Ryan Iverson/Owned by Hilltop Farms


When Tyler and I went to the Iowa State Fair, we weren't planning on buying a duroc boar, however, as we watched the duroc show, we soon came to realize these duroc breeders had brought one powerful set of red hogs to Des Moines! The top end of the boars and gilts would compete anywhere!
When AMPLIFIER hit the ring in Class 2, we got real interested, real quick.  He's got  extreme height of front end, length of neck, tremendous over all mass and power-- breath taking on the move! 

AMPLIFIER has as huge, massive, wide, square top in him as I've seen in a hog of any color.  He comes at you with tremendous width and squareness  at the ground  and going away with tremendous at the ground.  He brings that same width up to a wide, massive hip, as good of hip and rear leg placement as you  could want. He's heavy, heavy boned, and stands on huge feet.

If you're serious about making red hogs better, take a look here.  This guy is a powerhouse!

Semen Price $100.00  dose    $50.00 overrun

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