Bad Catt 50-86


Bad Catt 50-86
Barrow Maker x Bone Collector
Owned by Hilltop Farms
Stress Status" Negative


Our belief is in building these boars from the ground up; Bad Catt stands on big, wide, square feet and even toes and "monster bone". He is one big legged Bad Catt, way tall fronted, clean and wide chested, comes at you and goes away from you with the same width and squareness from end to end; huge center body, and great depth of flank. On top, he is wide and pulled apart over his blades; from this he comes into a great rump and set to his rear legs. On the move, he's the best. Use Bad Catt to add bone, width, and overall squareness of body cavity.

SEMEN: $100.00/dose


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