Road Hog


Road Hog
ABF4 Carbon Copy x TBRO3 Forever Young 6-5
Bred by Ploeger Show Pigs
Owned by Hilltop Farms

Road Hog was the 1st place, class 1 boar in the Yorkshire Boar drive at the 2016 Iowa State Fair. Road Hog totally out powered everything with his total body mass, monster, wide, level grooved top line; great extension to his front end, extra wide coming at you, and the same great width from the rear. He can reach and go with the power and drive you need to win. He has great feet and leg placement.

If you need more center body mass and rib shape--Road Hog excels with power in these areas. We see Road Hog as a tremendous female sire!

Semen: $100.00/dose

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