Spot Light


Spot Light #161997003
Instant Addiction x E-TRA Stout
Bred by Ryan Kolterman
Owned by Hilltop Farms
Stress: Carrier
We purchased Spot Light from Ryan Kolterman sight unseen as a baby pig last spring and could not be more pleased. In discussing Spot Light with Ryan, he assured us that this guy was super stout featured, massive in his make up, tall fronted and built rite for making the next generation of spotted show hogs - and he was dead on with that description. Without a doubt, Spot Light is one of the heaviest boned, stoutest featured and biggest footed creatures we have ever seen - yet remains clean jointed and extremely good on his feet and legs. We absolutely love the fact that Spot Light is the ideal frame size and length of body for making those killer spot barrows, while being big centered, dead level down his top line with an abundance of muscle and mass. If you are interested in finding the Spot Light at the end of the day - this guy needs to be on your list!

SEMEN: $100.00/dose

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