Wild One


Bone Thug 13-3 x Bone Collector
Bred and Owned by Hilltop Farms
Stress: Negative

This guy in unique in so many areas.  Starting with his pedigree--WILD ONE'S grandma is the heaviest boned, stoutest featured sow here at HTF.  If you need to make your hogs taller fronted, WILD ONE flat runs up hill!
From the ground up, WILD ONE, is opened up at the ground from front to rear, and maintains that width to the top of his blades and down his monster, wide top.  His wide, square top comes back into a wide pin set that blends into a deep, wide, full rump, and a great rear leg.
All of this is combined with as deep and square forerib as you'll find; that comes back into a huge center body cavity.  Oh, so well balanced--we think WILD ONE'S future in making show barrows is a given!

$100.00 a dose
$60.00 a dose in off season
$50.00 a dose overrun

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