The Changer 14-86 - NEW


The Climb x Empire
Stress Pending
Bred by Hilltop Farms
Owned by Hilltop Farms

I saw this guys' sire, "The Climb", when he was at the Expo in Des Moines, he stood 2nd in Class 5. I was impressed with his front end power, way tall fronted and thought we had a sow that he would work on. We sure did!!
"The Changer" runs uphill coming at you, is wide chested, clean throated, stands on huge, square feet and big legs. On top of his blades and down his top, he's level, wide and shapely and this blends into a high tail set with a tremendous hip and rear leg set. He has a huge center body mass--he's a machine on the move. At 260 lbs, as a barrow, this guy would have been hard to beat. He's a tick bleached out in his hair, he's been inside all his life. If you need to jack them up in their front end and make them killer good on their feet and legs, use the "The Changer"!

Off season price starts October 11. $100.00 a dose and Overrun price $75.00

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