Blow Me Away 21-8 - NEW


Rise Up x Conviction
Stress Carrier
Bred by Hilltop Farms
Owned by Hilltop Farms

21-8's dam is 40-85, a Conviction 3-4 x Got It All gilt litter, 12 farrowed, 11 raised. We retained 5 of these 40 litter gilts because their mother is 2-83, a Got It All sow that is way, way trendy looking in that she is way tall fronted with extreme neck extension. She has sired her share of banner hanging hogs. On day one we knew 21-8 was special and that, has only gotten more evident as he grew. He's way tall fronted, runs uphill, clean throated, and wide chested, short backed, extremely wide down his top, and the same great width at the ground. On the move he's impressive. If he was a 260 lb. barrow, he would be hard to beat today. Breed with confidence here!!

Off season price starts October 11. $100.00 a dose and overrun price $75.00 a dose.

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