The Best Answer 33-88


Rise Up x Conviction 3-4 x Bone Thug
Stress: Negative
Bred by Hilltop Farms
Owned by Hilltop Farms

It is with utmost pleasure and satisfaction to have made one this good and to be able to offer his semen to our dedicated and loyal customers. "The Best Answer" is truly one you need to see in person to really appreciate how stout and massive he really is. A quite often heard comment from those who have seen him is "He's the best I've ever seen"! His bone is huge and he's way tall shouldered. Coming at you, he's incredible in his big, wide chest floor and his huge, massive skull. He stands on huge, wide, square feet with great pastern strength, and a huge forearm and blade on top of him. He's flat out incredible in the width and mass he has and the depth and curvature to his forerib is amazing, and a massive mid-section and with great depth of flank. I've never seen a hip and rear leg angle set like he's got. You won't believe the bone size of his rear legs without seeing him. One gentleman commented "his rear legs look like they came off a 2000 lb. bull". With that said, I've never seen one that puts all this power and mass in such a complete, fault free, no holes design and this is not fed on. He's been limit fed forever. We, here at HTF, are proud and pleased to have him to help our loyal customers improve their next generation of show pigs. "The Best Answer"-- come and see him, he's truly better in person than any picture we can take of him.

Off season price starts October 11. $150.00 a dose Overrun $100.00 a dose

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