Exile 1-1 x Homemade 17-4
Owned by Hilltop Farms
Reg #493677004
Stress Status: Negative
WGBC test passed 100%

Empire will be used hard in our Hampshire herd and also on our crossbred sow herd. Here, at HTF, we've waited a long time to find a Hampshire boar like Empire. When Empire comes at you, the first thing that gets your attention are his huge feet and massive bone, and his ability to reach and power away from you is remarkable to say the least. Soundness of feet and legs and being able to out walk your competition will win a lot of hog shows.

Empire has great extension to his front end and a big stout boar head, this all comes back into a level, wide, massive topline; tail head sets on top of his spine; from there he goes away from you with as square and full rump as you'll find. This all sets on as good of rear leg structure as you could want. If you are serious about making hampshires and crossbreds better, check this guy out!

Semen Price $100.00 a dose
Overrun: $50.00 a dose


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