Home Brew


Home Brew 1-1 (Purebred hampshire)
1ARK2 McRib 18-6 by BOLN1 Homemade 17-4
Bred and Owned by Hilltops Farms
Stress Negative

Home Brew is one stout featured, massive boned hampshire boar. He’s been on a 14% boar ration, that the rest of the boars get, since he’s weighed 100 lbs. Home Brew has a massive, wide, level, square top that comes back into a deep, square, wide rump; a huge center body with a big barrel rib in him and very wide coming and going.

He’s got an up headed head carriage; moderate frame size and a monster appetite. This is one powerful hampshire boar. He’s going to breed a lot of cross sows here! Our daughter, Michelle, won the Iowa State Fair FFA Grand barrow drive 3 years in a row and they were all sired by a purebred hampshire boar on crossbred sows. That’s where the consistency comes from, by using purebred boars like Home Brew!

If you want to use him, book early as there is a lot of interest in him for both purebred litters as well as cross. Home brew is a big time changer if you need width and squareness in a heavy boned, moderate framed package! For now we are pricing him where everybody can use him.

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