Loud Mouth x Raise the Bar
Bred by Carl Kent and Son
Owned by Hilltop Farms
Stress Status: Negative

We are absolutely thrilled to have had the opportunity to purchase Loud -N- Proud and add him to our spotted boar line up. We bounced this guy back from Texas, left him on the trailer for a few days, turned him loose to go to the isolation unit and straight out of the gate and never missed a step. A super sound, sure footed boar that comes at you with tremendous width at the ground and incredible spread between his blades. He carries this width through his massive center body cavity and his wide pin set. We love how he plants and drives and remains true at the ground on his rear two. Once you start analyzing Loud-N-Proud, you quickly notice that this is one incredibly heavy boned, big footed hog with a massive square top and a ton of power and mass from behind. We see Loud -N-Proud as a spotted boar that can be mated to a variety of sows and still generate functional, powerfully built, spotted hogs with a great build and impeccable design. We see this guy as having the ability to create a lot of noise and were glad he is in Albia, Iowa. If you a spot enthusiast, it's time to be Loud -N- Proud!

SEMEN: $100.00 a dose
Overrun $50.00 a dose

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Albia, Iowa 52531
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