Blueberry Wine 7-4


Blueberry Wine 7-4
Sky Rocket x Practically Perfect
Owned by Hilltop Farms
Stress Status: Negative


We thought early on, from the day this guy hit the ground, he had all the right parts and pieces to be a great one some day.
Everybody today is on the fast  track to make them tall fronted, geek necked and trendy looking and that's all well and good.  However, here at HTF, we're not going to give up everything else to get there.
This cat, Blueberry Wine, is tall fronted, long faced, has great extension to his neck and front end,  he's deep, square, wide and massive in his front end and chest floor.  He brings that same massiveness into his mid-section and depth of flank, with a wide, deep, full rump and as good a rear leg set as there is.  He stands on huge feet and monster bone off both ends.  Set this guy in motion, and he's breath taking.  You can have it all, if you're not willing to settle for less.  We don't need these tall legged, one lungers--we've been down that road before!
The first barrow showed out of Blueberry Wine was Grand Champion Market Hog at the Poweshiek County fair for the Fenner family.  This barrow also won the right to go on to the "best of the best" where he was Reserve Grand Champion overall market hog.
Blueberry Wine will breed a lot of sows here at HTF.


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