Got It All


Bone Thug 13-3 x Revolution
Bred and Owned by Hilltop Farms
Stress Status: Negative

When you draw back and analyze  this guy, his name "Got It All", fits him well!
He comes at you with a high head carriage, great length of neck, and an extra stout featured boar head.  He walks on huge. square feet; big legged front and rear; a massive, deep, wide chest floor that comes back into a huge barrel shaped rib; massive center body cavity; great length to his flank; an unbelievable hip and rear leg set; very square, wide and pulled apart over his blades "Got It All's" got a monster wide, grooved top; tail sets right on top of his spine; and a huge, wide, deep, rear end.   On top of that, this guy can flex and motor on the move!  He's a beast--add all this up and we felt we had to name him "Got It All"

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