Buzz Saw 9-5 #608689005


Buzz Saw 9-5
Sawzall x Panther 24-8
Owned by Hilltop Farms
Stress Status: Negative


Buzz Saw is one trendy, freaky, stout Yorkshire boar from his high head carriage, his length and extension of neck and total skeekness of front end. Buzz Saw stands on big, square feet and monster bone, He's extra wide at the ground and brings that same width up to the top of his blades; extra wide and square over the top of his blades, massive width down his jet level topline and back to his rump; excellent ham loin junction, tremendous width at his pin bones and carries that same width to the ground. He's as wide as you could want. To see Buzz Saw on the move, is breath taking, to say the least! Buzz Saw is impressive in so many areas where Yorkshires need to be better. He's one powerhouse of a yorkshire boar!


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