Clydesdale 53-81



Clydesdale 53-81
Sire: Clyde (Bone-In-Hand x Outta Hand)
Dam Sire: Super Cool
Owned by HIlltop Farms
Stress Status: Negative

Clydesdale is one freaky stout featured beast of a boar--with all of his massiveness, he is unbelievably well balanced; stands on huge feet and monster bone. This is the first thing that hits you when viewing him, is his huge bone work. So impressive coming at you with his tremendous width and squareness to his chest floor; awesome power and sleekness to his front end, geek necked, and a huge, wide skull; perfect erect ear set; looking down his top, you can see how massive and pulled apart he is over his blades and down his jet level topline. This comes back into great width at his pin bones--he brings that exact same width to the ground. This gives him unbelievable balance and squareness throughout, just freaky in how massive he is and yet how square made and balanced he is--tremendous rib curvature and massive center body. Clydesdale has the power to make huge, in one shot. He will be used hard here at HTF, as we haven't seen one out there that we would use ahead of him, to get this much design and power. For now we are pricing him where everybody can afford to use him. We here at HTF, are blessed and humbled to have Clydesdale to offer to our valued friends and customers. Use him with confidence, use him where you need more bone, more width of skeleton from end to end, and more muscle and shape. He has been on limited feed for months and still maintains unbelievable power and shape. He is a special breeding piece!


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