Conviction x Money Talks x Hillbilly Bone
Owned by Hilltop Farms
Stress Status: Carrier


Here at HTF, we are always looking for the next "great one" to come along, We drove a lot of miles and looked at a lot of boars to find this one--then to find one put together like this guy is almost impossible in it self and to have a pedigree so enriched with boars such as Conviction, Money Talks, Hillbilly Bone, Fortune and Warfare solidifies and contributes to what "Conviction 3-4" has to offer.

Phenotypically, he is the best one we have seen to take us forward into the future of making hogs modern and trendy looking and yet not giving up bone, freedom of movement and total body mass, is very hard to do.

Coming at you this guy is breathtaking--same great width and dead on squareness going away, very trendy in his length of head and front end extension; tremendous depth and width in his chest floor, depth and squareness of his fore rib is unequal; tremendous center body mass and depth of flank, as good of hip and rear leg set as you could make them, and unbelievable in his width of top. From his blades to his tale, he is massive, and to find one with all of the above and be able to stride out and power away on his huge feet and monster legs is remarkable.

Described by Shane Hill in viewing Conviction 3-4. "Wowza! This guy is a MAN AMONG BOYS!!!! Whenever they are built like this from the side and have that much bone, this kind of back shape that screams out of his blades, when they are this level out of their hip and can move their rear leg the way he does they become hard to beat. He' s an athlete and can move like one." This guy is big time.

Conviction 3-4 will breed a lot of sows here at HTF. We are pricing his semen where everybody can use him.

Semen Price $100.00 a dose
Overrun: $50.00 a dose

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