Hostile x Young Gun
Owned by Hilltop Farms
Stress Status: Negative

Here at HTF, we are constantly on the hunt for the next great one that we feel is ahead of the trend to head up our boar stud for our loyal customers. We found "Conviction 3-4" earlier in OK.  While we were at the Fall Classic at Duncan, Rick and I looked at every breeding age boar in the barn and did not find what we were looking for.  We found "Mega Bone" in the prospect pig sale on Friday night.  We knew we had bought the stoutest featured boar at the  Fall Classic and that opinion hasn't changed.

This picture was taken while standing on dead level ground-he is way, way tall fronted.  However, what hits you the most  when you first see him, is his monster bone structure--not only his massive legs, his beastly stout head that comes back into his deep, wide chest floor and back down his wide shapely topline  into a full rump, and he carries that same tremendous width at the ground. He comes at you with tremendous width and goes away from you with breath taking width and leaves you staring at those monster legs.

We like to imagine this guy as a 260 lb. barrow, I wouldn't want to be in his class in the show ring!
If you need to make them taller fronted, wider made, and heavier boned, I haven't seen one anywhere that can run with "Mega Bone" in these areas--a truly massive, beastly big legged hog.

He will breed a lot of sows here at HTF. He's not perfect, but I don't know where the perfect one is at, but where he is powerful, he's breath taking good!

Don't let the price of his semen fool you, there are boars out there that you can spend $400 or $500 a dose for that don't have as much to offer as far as being tall fronted with monster bone.
He's price at $100 a dose all day long, no overrun will be offered.

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