PERFECTION 5-4 #616595004
LFC6 Almost There 1-6 X WEM4 Invite Only 4-2
Owned and Bred by HTF Swine Genetics
Stress: Negative

Here at HTF, it is our goal and intention to stud only boars that have that extra power and mass to make a big time change in one generation of offspring.

"Perfection" is one that fits that objective quite well. From the ground up, he stands on big, square, even toes, huge bone with unbelievable soundness of feet and leg structure. Set him in motion and he's a cat on wheels!

He stands extra wide and square coming at you with a huge, wide, square chest floor; get on top of him-same great squareness and width over his blades and down his topline and that all blends into as good of hip and rear leg set as you can make; extra wide going away from you, very square and true in his hock, coming at you with his big, stout, massive boar head He's impressive!

Want to make a big time change in your Yorkshires, give "Perfection" a try. One stout featured breeding hog!

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