Power Play 39-88


Clydesdale x Home Brew
Owned by Hilltop Farms

We are pleased to have "Power Play" to offer to our loyal customers.  If you're looking for a middle of the road, nice boar to get your sows bred, "Power Paly" is not for you.  This guy is beastly powerful in every way you view him, and he is backed up in the lineage  of his pedigree.  His dam, 15-84, is the best crossbred sow here at HTF.  15-84's dam is a Super Cool sow 26-84 and her dam is 39-82 a Super Duty sow.  All of these sows were elite powerhouses in their day.  They served here for many litters--they don't stay at HTF that long if they're not getting the job done. It takes generations of dams and grand dams to make boars with this kind of power.

"Power Play" was pictured at 6 months of age weighing 325 lbs, on no special feed.  He's fed the same feed that all the boars in the stud receive.  We are only interested in studding stout featured boars. We have no interest in middle of the road boars.

If you're looking to add width at the ground off both ends, "Power Play" pushes the limits: same width on the top, wide and pulled apart over his blades, and carries that same mass down his top and out through his rump; tail sets on top of his spine, huge root to his tail.  If you're in need to increase bone and foot size, "power Play" has huge, wide feet.  He stands on monster bone, has a huge blade and forearm, depth and squareness to his chest and forerib is unequal,  from there he opens up into a huge center rib and monster body cavity and brings that unequaled depth into his flank.  

The right length of side, the absolute right frame size:  use "Power Play" if you want to make a big time change in one generation.  He's a powerhouse of a young boar.


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