Pure Torque


Dream Big x Bank Robber
Bred by: Bombei and Sons Show Pigs
Owned by: Hilltop Farms
Stress Status: Carrier


When Matt contacted us early this spring and told us he had the best litter of spotted hogs he had ever raised, we were intrigued to say the least – and knew we had to make a trip to Bombei and Sons Show Pigs.  Obviously, we were not disappointed and were pleased to bring home “Pure Torque”!  Pure Torque has us excited about making the next generation of spotted hogs Better!  With no Loud Mouth in his pedigree, the options are virtually unlimited for this guy.  We love the extra’s he brings to the table while still putting it all together in a super sound and sure-footed package.  Pure Torque excels in muscle mass, body capacity, heaviness of structure while being tall fronted, good looking with an exceptional profile.  A spotted boar that has the ability to fix problems and create a stir in the show ring!!!

Semen Price $100.00 a dose
Overrun $60.00 a dose

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