Rise Up 28-6


On Parole (Lock It Up x Outta Hand) X Josey Wales x Bad Man
Stress Negative
Bred by Mai Family
Owned by Hilltop Farms

Here at HTF we will only stud boars that  have the power to make a big time change.  Rise Up is freaky powerful; he's big legged, has the right frame size, cool fronted with great neck extension, awesome height to his front end and huge center body mass.  Get on top of him, he's wide and massive down his topline and this blends into as good a hip and rear leg set as you can make.  Put him in motion--he's one powerful creature on the move.  
Use Rise Up if you need more bone; he's one big legged stud! 
Use Rise Up if you need more height up front and more neck extension!
Use Rise Up if you just plain need more power everywhere!
His introductory semen price is where everybody can use him!

Semen $100.00 a dose   Overrun $50.00 a dose

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