ROAD HOG 6-4 #612975004


Road Hog x Panther 24-8
Owned by Hilltop Farms
Stress Status: Negative

If you're in need of a Yorkshire boar to make your Yorkshire or crosses tall shouldered with more extension to their neck and longer faced,  Road Hog will do that in a heart beat.  He's pictured here standing on dead level ground! Road Hog is a beast coming at you, deep, wide and square in his chest floor and extra wide at the ground.  He brings that same width up on top of his blades; a monster, wide shapely top; very good in his ham loin junction and brings that same width into his wide, full rump. He stand on a huge forearm, up on his toes and pasterns; extra deep, wide and square in his forerib and carries that same depth through his mid-section and into his flank.  What you need most, is his overall power and mass!

SEMEN: $75.00/dose
Overrun: $40.00 a dose


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