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Our Philosophy
At Hilltop Farms, we firmly believe that profitable commercial swine production begins with genetics mixed in adequate proportions. Neither high-yielding market hogs from poor mothers or poor litters of poor-yielding market hogs is profitable. The combination of these traits is essential.

We feel that the combination of boars offered by Hilltop Farms on purebred or synthetic  crossbred females is the right combination for today's swine industry.

The reasons why:

  • Increased hybrid vigor

  • Increased sow salvage value

  • Higher percent of lean meat

  • Large litters farrowed and weaned

  • High 21-day weights

  • Results - MORE PROFIT

What is Available at Hilltop Farms?

  • Maternal Sires ~ selected for superior milking & weaning ability, along with longevity & durability - Hampshires, Yorkshires
  • Terminal Sires ~ selected for growth, muscle & leanness to the swine industry's demand for lean pork - Hampshires, Yorkshires
  • Purebred Females Productive Lines ~ selected for either terminal or maternal animal production, for use in producing your own replacement females or terminal sires - Hampshires, Yorkshires
  • Synthetic Females ~ combine the productivity of the Yorkshire with the extra muscling & durability of the Hampshire, can be bred to either Yorkshire or Hampshire boars depending on the commercial man's needs - Blue Roans (Hamp X York), York Landrace

Dedicated to Customer Service & Satisfaction
It is our philosophy at Hilltop Farms that profitable commercial swine production doesn't just happen. It takes time and effort. To meet the constantly changing needs of this industry, our entire staff is devote dot this goal seven days a week.

Breeding, Management , and Merchandising are high priorities at Hilltop Farms. This enables us to control all facets of our operation and meet the needs of you - our customers. This attention to detail allows us to give personal attention to our customers and, at the same time, guarantee their selections 100%.

We carry a large sow herd, which enables us to supply the needs of the largest to the smallest commercial man. 150 breeding-age Hampshire & Yorkshire boars are available for your inspection at all times. All of these boars are performance tested.

In addition to this, a large volume of open or bred gilts is available monthly. These consist of either purebred Hamps or Yorks & Blue Roan crossbred gilts. At Hilltop Farms, all animals which are offered for sale must first meet all criteria in genetics, production, and visual appraisals. This means only the best are available for our customers!

We realize it is not always possible for our customer to travel and select their own seedstock. Because of this, the Hilltop Farms staff offers a sight-unseen purchase program. We will select and deliver breeding stock to your location with your satisfaction guaranteed.

Competition & Production Proven
The highly-competitive breeding swine industry has challenged Hilltop Farms to breed profit-oriented swine...swine that will stand the rigors of environment & still make the commercial man money.

Our genetics have been competitively proven in all avenues of the industry.  Whether it be in national breeding shows, State Fairs, Barrow Shows, or Test Stations, Hilltop genetics excel and have a solid reputation of supplying extremely lean, production-oriented genetics.

% Lean is the Future
At the National Barrow Show, a seminar panel of the nation's leading swine packing companies sated that in the future, "over 35% of the hogs sold in the country will not meet the swine industry's standards and that there would be no market for those poorer-yielding hogs."

Thus, genetics which are truly bred to perform for the commercialman will be in demand. Hilltop Farms has a nationwide reputation for these top-yielding, top-producing genetics.

Herd Health
At Hilltop Farms, we take great pride in offering healthy, genetically-sound seedstock to the commercial man. We work very closely with our local veterinarian clinic. This is a necessity, for no matter how great we make them, no hogs are profitable if they are not healthy. In most commercial mans' operations, healthy hogs mean profitable hogs. Hogs should not be kept alive by antibiotics and injectables. This costs time and money.

At Hilltop Farms, we stress the production of genetically sound hogs that can thrive and survive in the real world.

When purchasing breeding stock from Hilltop farms, you can be assured that it will be ready to put to the test for the commercial man. All breeding stock at Hilltop Farms is pre-conditioned, which means it has already been subjected to the same conditions that are available in commercial swine operations.

Pre-Conditioned Breeding Stock Advantages

  • Possess the most vigor & durability
  • Exhibit the best feed conversion ratios
  • Naturally rise to the top of their test group
  • Ready to go to work for the commercial man
  • Results in profitable swine

Facilities for Pre-Conditioning

  • Breeding herd is housed on Cargill floors or lots.
  • Sows all farrow on woven wire raised crates or open stalls.
  • Woven wire & partially-slatted nurseries.
  • Modified open-front finishing buildings.
  • Pen numbers & densities are similar to commercial swine production.
  • Conditioned for sale on Cargill lots or floors.


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